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Carrie Binegar is a native of Decatur, is married with 3 young boys and a lifelong member of St. Mary’s parish.  She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has practiced locally at Adams Memorial Hospital since 2003.  Carrie has worked with adults, couples, families, adolescents, and children to discover how to cope with problems of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, stress, relationship conflict, behavioral problems, and general life adjustments.  In 2013, she began meeting with students at St. Joseph Catholic School, helping them gain skills in order to effectively cope with challenges within their homes and classrooms.

Sometimes life presents us with trials and problems that seem too complex to handle alone.  While we know we are never left without God’s loving presence and strength, counseling can help people understand that we don’t walk the path alone here on earth.  Seeking help for tensions in marriages, behavioral issues with children, depression, grief, anxiety or any other stressor in your life is similar to seeking guidance from a financial advisor, legal professional or medical doctor when we don’t have the answers for those problems.  In many of his letters, St. Paul repeatedly reminds us that we all have God-given gifts and strengths and yet need to cling to others, receiving the talents they are willing to offer.

Counseling is private, anonymous.  Both a solid ethical policy and legal code mandates that counseling services are strictly confidential.  Living and practicing within the same small community allows many opportunities to have dual roles, all of which are managed with the utmost respect and awareness of the central role of helping and serving the needs of others. 

For questions about counseling, you may contact Carrie at Adams Memorial Hospital at
724-2145, ext. 3906. 

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