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Saint Joseph Hermitage Friary

We welcome to St. Mary’s Parish the Franciscan Friars! What an honor to have these men witnessing their love of God, Catholic teaching and love for all people. As Brother Crispin shared, they are beggars—following the example of St. Francis of Assisi. As they spend time in prayer within their hermitage and join with us daily for Holy Mass (they are “religious brothers” not Priests), they do depend on others for food, medicine, toiletries, gas, etc. They do NOT accept – nor are they permitted – to accept any money. There is a BASKET in Church and Parish Hall if you wish to leave a donation OR visit the hermitage and “ring the bell”. 

Important note: They live simply. They can only keep a seven-day supply of food. They do not have a refrigerator (nor do they want one)!


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